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About Us

What Matters to Us

Planning an event involves multiple decisions, all made with a common goal: to create a memorable experience. The space, decor, entertainment and food all contribute to this experience. You seek out professionals in each area to assure your guests are treated to an evening they will not soon forget.

Why should the people serving drinks to your guests be any different?


Sidecar Cocktail Catering Co. understands that no two events are identical. Our various packages are designed to allow you to customize your menu to enhance your guests’ experience. All of our events begin with a consultation to allow the creation of the perfect bar package for you & your guests.

Sidecar Cocktail Catering Co. was created by the same creative restaurant minds behind Westport Cafe. We understand the importance of hospitality and treating every patron as if they are a guest in our home.

Wesport Cafe, besides being a French bistro, is also a craft cocktail bar. This is why our unique cocktail recipes will, no doubt, enhance the beverage experience of your guests.

We are changing the way people enjoy cocktails when at any event, no matter the occasion. We can all agree that the days of sipping pre-fabricated cocktails is a thing of the past. With Sidecar Cocktail Catering Co., just because you didn’t walk into a high-end cocktail bar doesn’t mean we can’t bring the experience of one to your event.

“it’s good, it’s very good”

Kevin Mouhot
Co-owner & Enthusiast drinker